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International Students Privacy Notification: 

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) collects, uses, discloses and retains personal information in compliance with the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the FIPPA).

1. Study Permit Authorization, Interior Health and Medical Coverage Requirements:

1) I agree to maintain complete medical coverage while a student at TRU. TRU cannot assume responsibility for expenses incurred from my sickness or other liabilities.

2) I agree to maintain a valid student authorization.

3) I agree to accept and abide by all rules and regulations instituted by TRU and the information I provide is true and accurate. 

2. Consent to Disclose Personal Information:

I hearby consent to TRU and its representatives disclosing the following information to the following persons/organizations for the following purposes:

 To whom
 Purpose of disclosure
Status at TRU
- Attendance
- Whether attending TRU
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
Canada Border Services
Law enforcement agencies
Sponsoring organization
Partner Institution (your home institution)              
- To ensure compliance with Study Permit conditions
- To verify student status
- To inform of student academic standing and progress.
Academic Information
- Academic Status
- Whether attending TRU
- Grades and GPA
Family and/or legal guardian
Educational Agency
Sponsoring Organization
Student Affairs and other University departments as required
Partner Institution (your home institution)
- Verifying student academic progress and standing, making knowledgeable decisions as to continuation of program for the students
- For the performance of job duties by TRU employees.
Address and phone numbers, e-mail address and other coordinates
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
B.C. Medical Service Plan
Family and/or legal guardian
TRU Academic Administration & Student Affairs, and other university departments as required.
- Ability to communicate with student.
- Contact purposes.
- Confirm health & safety
- For the performance of job duties by TRU employees.
Medical and Well-being
Family and/or legal guardian
TRU Student Affairs
TRU Academic Administration & Student Affairs
- Ensuring support systems are available to student when required.
- For the performance of job duties by TRU employees.
Past behavioral concerns, misconduct, alleged misconduct and disciplinary proceedings
Host family, Immediate family, RCMP, Student Residence, Academic Administration & Student Affairs.
- Safety and well-being of all involved.
- Disciplinary proceedings
- For the performance of job duties by TRU employees.

3. TRU Media Consent

TRU takes photographs during events and your images may be captured. You may also send photographs to TRU. Your comments provided in any interviews of you will be used to gather information about you and your TRU experience.  This collected information may be used for the purposes of publicity and university promotion in various media (e.g. printed materials, website, social media) and is permitted under Section 26 (c) of the FIPPA.

I consent to the use and disclosure of all images and recordings of me or including me and information gathered about me through interviews by TRU or by any nominee of TRU (including any agency, client, publication or other organization or institution) in whole or in part, in all forms and media, for distribution to the general public for the purposes of publicity and university promotion in various media (e.g. printed materials, website, social media). 

I further consent to the reproduction or use of the photographs/information with or without my name and consent that TRU may seek copyright of the photographs/information in their name. In giving this consent, I release TRU and its nominees from liability for any violation of any personal or proprietary right I have in connection with any sale, reproduction or use of the photographs. I certify that I am 19 years of age or older. 

For information relating to your academic experience at TRU, please contact [email protected]

For information about this privacy notice, please contact the Privacy office at 250828-5012, [email protected] or by post to : TRU Privacy Office, 900 McGill Rd., Kamloops, BC, V2C 0C8

Thank you for submitting the form. We look forward to seeing you soon at TRU
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